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Business Capital Overview

Equipment Line
Flexibility to purchase over 12 months with guaranteed terms
A high percentage of financing for new or used equipment costs, with the possibility of additional financing for related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training.

Technology Financing 
Easy to access and affordable
Financing with beneficial terms and conditions to purchase hardware, software, consulting services, including Internet solutions to boost your online sales.

Working Capital Solutions
To complement your existing line of credit
Flexible long-term financing to undertake projects such as boosting inventory for increased sales, technology development and exporting.

Business Transition
To transfer or sell your business
Long-term financing and invaluable expertise to help ease the transition or sale of your business.

Why Choose ICI Source?

Unparalleled flexibility
Repayment terms are tailored to your business cycle and needs with longer amortization periods, seasonal or progressive repayment schedules and principal payment deferrals.

Support in challenging times
Our loans are non-demand. We are there for you over the long term.

A “Beyond the Numbers” Approach
We look at the whole of your business including management expertise, potential for growth and the viability of your project.

We take care of our clients
Our Consultants invest the time needed to help you succeed by providing valuable information and sound advice.

*Subject to Approval. Certain Conditions Apply.

Equipment Line

We can help your company invest in equipment to boost productivity and stay competitive.
With a Equipment Line, you have the flexibility to make equipment purchases over a 12-month period with guaranteed terms and condition*.

Financing covers new or used equipment purchases, including:

  • production line machinery and equipment
  • specialized technology, such as lab equipment
  • commercial vehicles and much more

Flexible terms to free up your cash flow

  • High percentage of financing for equipment costs and the possibility of additional financing for related expenses, such as shipping, installation and training
  • Interest-only payments for the first 12 months after loan authorization
  • Repayment over 5 years, with the option of seasonal principal payments to match your cash flow
  • No standby fees or cancellation fees
  • Payment of all security registration fees
  • Prepayment privileges at any time without penalty

Easy Access to Funds
When you are ready to make your equipment purchase, will disburse the funds according to your purchasing needs, as long as you remain within your pre-approved limit.

Why Choose ICI Source?

  1. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your financing is secured
  2. Take the time you need to source the right equipment
  3. Negotiate with vendors with a clear budget and from a position of strength

*Subject to Approval. Certain Conditions Apply.

Market Expansion Financing

Expanding your domestic market, exploring new and larger foreign markets or tackling new growth projects are winning strategies for your business. We can provide the extra money you need with specific repayment terms tailored for maximum flexibility.

Expansion financing can be used to:

  • Participate in prospecting initiatives
  • like trade shows and conduct business development overseas.
  • Develop local or international contacts and distribution networks.
  • Develop export plans. Develop e-commerce.
  • Produce and implement a marketing plan.
  • Conduct product development and R&D.
  • Advance SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) refunds to replenish working capital, or cover SR&ED consulting costs.
  • Purchase additional inventory to expand and export to new markets.

Other expenses related to market expansion activities may be eligible.

Business Financing
More financing to protect your cash flow: up to $250,000 in long-term financing to help you take advantage of opportunities to grow your business.

Unique Repayment Features

  • Maximum amortization period of 8 years including the possibility to defer principal payments for the first 12 months of the loan.
  • Prepayment privilege up to I00% of the balance without penalty at any time during the term of the loan.
  • Seasonal or semi-annual payments.

*Subject to Approval. Certain Conditions Apply.

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